Hi Kids

Welcome to your blog. This is your space for your writing to appear online for people to read and comment on – just get your parents or teachers to email me a copy of your writing, and I’ll put it up here for you. Then you can tell your family and friends to read it and let you know what they think. I hope you enjoy using it. Don’t forget to read and comment on each other’s writing too.



Lion Takes a Trip to School – by Jordan

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Party Time

Getting dressed for school, I can’t wait to tell my five friends about my mini party this Saturday night!

“Guess what? You are invited to my fantastic party, and only you five are allowed!”

“OMG! I can’t wait, what time is it?” bellowed Arran joyfully.

Preparing snacks and drinks for my five special guests. I put them on the table and heard the bell ring. When i opened the door I saw a massive mob of people outside.

Aggressively they pushed me out of the way and started to dance. The noise was deafening!

There was a knock at the door and I peered through the peep hole … it was mum and dad.


Lunch on the Moon

Seeing a small, chubby kid stepping down from a weird flying-machine, Bob was petrified.

“What do you want here? Don’t kill me! Kill my friends instead,” Bob yelled.

“l mean no harm,” Ben said calmly.

Although Ben offered Bob a juicy, strawberry-jam sandwich, Bob declined. Slowly Ben got out his delicious sandwich and started to eat it, while the jam was dripping on the floor.

Excitedly Bob jabbed his finger where the jam was dripping and licked it. He thought he was in heaven.

“Hey child, could l have a sandwich please?” They sat and had a lovely lunch together.

By Max

The Rocket

Slamming the doors of his dad’s unfinished rocket, Tim shouted, “I never want to see you again!”

Unsure of what it meant, he clicked a small, red button with an arrow pointing upwards. Before he knew it, the rocket shot up into the sky, causing Tim to fall onto the floor. Once he had put his protective space suit on, he pulled a wobbly lever and crashed onto the moon.

Slowly floating, Tim noticed a strange blue creature calling him to join his picnic. After eating delicious food, Tim walked back to the rocket. However, he forgot he was stranded.

Special Showcase

Special Showcase

Well done Max for being chosen for the 100 word challenge showcase for this piece of writing.

Too Much Chocolate Cake

“Ew, this cake tastes terrible,” moaned Jessica.

“Let’s get Mary to eat it, otherwise we’ll get into trouble for wasting our parents’ money and she’ll listen to us because she’s a loser!” suggested Laura.

Without asking, Jessica threw her vile cake onto Mary’s plate, demanding that she ate it.  Laura and many others copied.

Looking at all that chocolate cake made Mary feel dreadful.

At the end of lunch, Laura and Jessica spotted Mary, in the toilets, with red eyes and a wet face.

“Guess what…Mary’s being a crybaby.  No wonder she’s so unpopular,” they announced in front of everybody.



Looking at all that chocolate

Max has been working hard on varying his punctuation.

Putting on our coats and shoes, ready for our boring trip to Thornton’s, we quickly set the alarm. “You two, get in the car before the shop shuts!”shouted Mom.

 Walking into the shop, it felt like a chocolate world of paradise. Looking at all that chocolate, I was tempted to gobble it all up.

“Mom, can I have a free sample?” I asked.

“No,” demanded Mom. “You are having your dinner in 20 minutes, anyway, we are here to get chocolates for Grandad’s birthday not for you.”

Spotting the most delicious box of creamy fudge, I couldn’t wait to share them with Grandad, on Sunday.

Oreo – by Charlie

Charlie has been working hard at remembering to include adjectives in his work.

In 1617 there lived a mysterious, orange cat called Oreo. He was the prince of cats, and one day he decided to poison his father so he could take the throne.

A year later on Fathers’ Day, he took his father a refreshing drink while he was in a hot bubbly bath. What his father didn’t know was that if he drank it he would go into cardiac arrest.

Pretending to cry, Oreo carried his father’s dead body outside.

Getting the heavy chainsaw out of the garage, he chopped up the body, separated it, and scattered it round the garden.

The Concert

Early one majestic summer’s evening, Cheryl Cole received a phone call saying she had to go to a concert.  As soon as she heard the news, she jumped into her car and drove off.

Halfway there, the car stopped suddenly, causing the engine to explode.  Leaping out of the car, Cheryl landed on the kerb with a thud.

She exclaimed, “How did this happen and how will I get to the concert?”

Fortunately, a friend, who was passing by, stopped and offered a lift.  Luckily, she managed to get to her screaming fans on time and sang with the most beautiful voice anyone had ever heard.



Out of the Blue

One day, some guards from the underground kingdom arrested a human called Gordon, because the King didn’t want him marrying his daughter.

While this was happening, the Princess was away in Brazil.  If she knew about this news, she would be really angry with the King.

Meanwhile, back at the palace, Gordon got thrown in the dungeon under the sand.

When the Princess heard what her father had done, she swam gracefully through the turquoise sea to rescue Gordon.  Going through a secret passage, she eventually found Gordon lying on the floor. Picking him up, she swam to the surface and emerged out of the blue sea.